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How to Buy Wheatgrass?

100g Wheatgrass Powder bottle


100 g bottle: cost RM 80

Has a 3g measuring spoon inside.
Each bottle gives at least 30 servings.
Ready to use. Just mix in water an drink.
Cost per glass = RM 3.00 only

3g x 30 sachet pack

3gx30_Sachet pack: cost RM 70

Precise 3 g single servings. Ready to use.
Just mix in water an drink.
Most convenient, economical.
Easy to use anywhere, any time.
Cost per glass = RM 2.67 only

Shelf Life: Best before 1 year from date of packaging.

How to Buy:

Wheatgrass Powder is available through selected dealers and shops.

Plus it is available online sales through  

At places where there is no dealer, we can send product directly by courier. 
We do give discount for more than 6 packs order.

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Payment: full advance needed in our Ac which we will inform you.

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