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Wheatgrass Powder-safer for everybody

    Q.1. Is Wheatgrass Powder safer for everybody?
    Ans.  Concept wise Wheatgrass Powder is nothing but the powder of a nutritious vegetable. Plus its 100% natural & organic.
    Hence it is an innocent natural food supplement that is safe for children above 1 year age (who can digest green vegetables), the elderly and infirm. Safe – for women during pregnancy, breastfeeding & if trying to conceive.

    How is the taste of Wheatgrass Powder? Some people find it repulsive?
    Ans. Wheatgrass Powder mixture has a natural green chlorophyll taste, just like Spinach without salt. In fact our Wheatgrass Powder is a bit sweet as its organic. Hence we can say that the taste is palatable & liked by those who value the health benefits. Remember the saying ‘Foods that the tongue finds tasty may not be always healthy’. A general opinion is that health products are not tasty. Even children do not like medicines which are sweet but can drink it happily if it’s told as a fun food.
    Conclusion: Taste is in the mind & not on the tongue. Taste develops if the mind commands the tongue to like something. Look at the health benefits of Wheatgrass & you will develop a liking for its taste.

    Q.3. How much quantity to take & for how long?
    Ans.  Quantity: Increase the quantity of Wheat Grass Powder as your body gets accustomed to the product. Start with 1 spoon (3 g)

    Powder mixed in a glass of about 275 ml warm water. Those who want health benefits need to increase quantity to maximum 2 spoons in the morning and evening mixed with water. Means for good health results, 4 bottles per month may be required.
    Duration: For general purpose, Wheatgrass Powder should be taken continuously for at least 1 month to experience the detoxification effect. In case you taking it for health reasons, then increase the quantity gradually & take the course for minimum 3 months. There is no harmful side effects even if it is taken continuously all year round as an ongoing healthy food routine. General healthy people can repeat a one month’s course (1 bottle) after a gap of 5-6 months. 


    Q.4. Wheat Grass Juice v/s Wheat Grass Powder

    Comparison Wheat Grass Juice Wheat Grass Powder
    Shelf Life Remains good for just a few hours & is difficult to transport long distance Best before 1 year from date of packaging. Can be transported anywhere.
    Fibre Many beneficial nutrients thrown out along with Fiber when juice is strained out in process. Contains all the beneficial nutrients including Chlorophyll & Fibre
    Quantity Wheatgrass used to make a glass of juice may be less than 30 g (suggested quantity). 1 spoon (3 g) = 30 g fresh Wheatgrass (30 g fresh Wheatgrass per day is suggest for good results)
    Organic Quality May contain harmful pesticide / heavy metals residue if not grown in organic method. 100 % Chemical free, Certified Organic product.
    Convenience Tedious to make juice & difficult to grow in all climatic conditions / seasons. Easy to carry & ready to use. Have your Wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time!
    Cost Cost for 1 glass per day for 1 month = Costly. 100 g bottle = 1 months course. Costs less than a month’s supply of fresh Wheatgrass juice.
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